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Ron Tate, Artist

Ron Tate was born in Washington, DC and grew up in the Maryland suburbs. He spent his entire career as a real estate title examiner in the Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia courthouses. After looking at the bare walls of the Rehoboth Beach home he and his partner just built in 2002, Ron thought he could fill them up with his own original art! So he took some art courses in Northern Virginia and started painting in acrylics in 2003.

After retiring from work in 2004, Ron and his partner moved to Rehoboth Beach full time and Ron began to focus more on his painting. His art really blossomed after taking courses at Wilmington University and becoming a founding member of the Delaware Shore Artists Group.

In 2010 he and seven other artists opened a new gallery in downtown Rehoboth Beach called Artworx 19971 at the Celebration Mall on Baltimore Avenue. Ron is also a member of the Rehoboth Art League where his paintings are regularly displayed. Ron’s complete portfolio is featured at, and selected pieces are on display at Artworx 19971.

About Ron's unique style

"When I sketch out a painting, it is usually only a concept, such as a tree or an architectural figure like an arch. Then I try to make it into an exaggerated reality scene, such as I did with my pencil series. I really enjoy it when I overhear someone saying that a painting looks like something and another person says it looks
like something else. I want my audience to think about what they are seeing and go on a journey with it." - Ron